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When gearing up to make a big investment like the purchase of a home, no one can blame you for wanting to have full control over the eventual outcome. But homebuying is a prolonged and complicated process, and with so many factors in play, it can often feel like the end result is out of your hands. At PalmettoSpec Home Inspections, LLC, we’re here to help you take charge in your efforts to make a safe investment. Our investigative home inspections will illuminate a home’s overall condition, protecting your interests and providing welcome reassurance by showing you the strengths in the home’s construction.

High-Tech Means High-Quality

  • A FLIR (forward-looking infrared) Camera is used as necessary during our home inspections to generate infrared imagery that will display any anomalies in temperature—revealing potential electrical issues, moisture issues, or areas of a home affecting energy loss
  • A Moisture Meter is used as necessary to qualify areas of a home that exhibit signs of plumbing leaks or outside moisture intrusion
thermal camera

Digital Inspection Reports Featuring 360° Images

When we’re finished evaluating the condition of your prospective home, we’ll organize our findings into a detailed and easy-to-read inspection report that will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours. Your report will feature high-resolution 360° photographs images of the home that will give you the ability to see inspected areas as if you were there in person. Pertinent video clips will be attached whenever necessary to help clarify why a component was determined to be defective. We also give our clients access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL™) feature by HomeGauge.

Create Request List on ipad

The Create Request List™ (CRL™)

  • Using practically any device with an internet connection, you can create a comprehensive project and repair request list from your inspection findings
  • For any defective item on your report, choose to request repair, replacement, or reimbursement
  • The CRL™ can be attached to your real estate agent’s standard repair addendum to promote clear and direct communication during the negotiating process

Proudly Serving Spartanburg and Surrounding Areas

We offer comprehensive home inspections to Spartanburg County, including Spartanburg, Boiling Springs, Duncan, Greer, and Landrum.

At PalmettoSpec Home Inspections LLC, we understand that there has long been a need for reliable service in the home inspection industry—and reliable service is exactly what we bring to the table. Contact us today to request an inspection.